Thanks, Snowbama

Last night was a fustercluck of enormous proportions. I didn’t think it was going to snow overnight, so I didn’t pack my bag before I left the office. Therefore, no laptop if the office closed. Thankfully, I was able to get here easily, but that did not stop me from worrying when I got home and realized I was without it. The traffic was just abominable, and even the bus was slipping and sliding as we exited downtown and began the trek to my house. I didn’t get home until 2130, and most of that time was spent on delays with the Metro and sitting on the bus, aimlessly staring into space and listening to podcasts because my phone didn’t have enough battery for me to play games. I just watched the snow, and was happy to get out in it as I walked the eight minutes home.

I enjoy snow when I’m dressed for it, because the only thing that tends to get really cold no matter how much I’m wearing are my hands. The snow was actively coming down, and the first thing I noticed about that is my umbrella being broken. Snowflakes hit my face and I just tried to lick them off. There was little else I could do to help myself except take off my glasses, which within three seconds were so coated I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face.

This morning after I’d gotten ready, I was going to Uber to Starbucks, but the fares had spiked to 2.8, which meant that I could be charged up to $50 for a ten minute ride. I walked to the bus stop, and didn’t fall until I was crossing Colesville Road, which is also a state highway, six lanes across. I landed on my ass in front of a lot of people, which I’m sure looked funny, but there was a moment there I thought I broke my ass.

I did not, but my right hip still has a stinging reminder. That reminds me. I have ibuprofen in my desk.

Hold please.

There. That’ll be better in about 20 minutes.

Anywho, when I got home, I took a sleeping pill immediately and put on a movie. Within a half hour, I was asleep, and it felt good to get in a full 9 hours. It made waking up so much easier… in that I actually wanted to. I didn’t hit snooze at all…. A modern miracle.

Tomorrow the office will be open at its regular time, but we may shut down early and go home to VPN. In IT, there are no snow days, just working without pants. Not a bad deal in the slightest, especially since the furnace is fixed and it is not the same temperature in my room that it is outside. Last night it got down to 18…. and remember ladies and gentlemen, that’s not Celsius. That is “omfg my face hurts.”

“The Missed Stop”

The city of DC was just as unprepared for last night as I was. We all had to get off the train at Judiciary Square because of some sort of problem, then we all loaded back on when it was fixed. It threw me off in terms of stop count, so I accidentally rode out to Forest Glen instead of getting off at Silver Spring. It gave me a cool picture, which I will include.

A Thousand Miles just came on Spotify. Excuse me while I laugh and cry my way through it. I’ll see yous guys later.


One thought on “Thanks, Snowbama

  1. Ops is the same. 70-80 hours per week, no such thing as weekends and holidays, let alone snow days. And you may or may not be wearing pants.


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