Part it Like Jesus

I was halfway to work this morning, meaning my laptop lid was open, before I realized it was Saturday. I went downstairs and took a picture of the front yard, now virtually unrecognizable with all the snow, and it hasn’t stopped snowing since yesterday at 1300. I want to go outside, make snow angels, find fresh patches to eat, etc., but it’s coming down so hard that I just can’t make myself get dressed. It would be one thing if there was snow on the ground. It is quite another when it is blowing directly at you. However, I have several six-packs of both grape and orange soda that are yelling at me to go outside and hold out a plastic cup for them… or at the very least, take some off the top of Hayat’s car to make sure that there’s no dog pee in it.

Speaking of dog pee, a few minutes ago Sam came downstairs with our BBD (basic black dog, about 50 lbs) and said, “Come on Daisy… let’s go part it like Jesus.” She turned to me and said that earlier, Daisy was making tracks through the snow and it looked like when Jesus parted the Red Sea… but she didn’t think that was Jesus, anyway. I said, “no… that was Moses…. you were only off by like, 700 years…. and what’s 700 years between friends?” I’m not even sure 700 years is correct. It just made us both laugh. Hayat is Druze and Mike is Methodist, but Sam is happily neither. She is happy to let me do the Christian thing and to make jokes about it, which delights me to no end. For instance, it’s been eight or 10 months since I got my Mark Share-a-Coke bottle and commented that now I only needed Matthew, Luke, and John, and she’s STILL calling me Mark at least once a week. I like it that I got the Mark Coke bottle first, because I like being called Mark. My favorite word is “immediately,” too. 😛

I notice that in this weather, there is such a difference between WANT and CANNOT. For instance, every Saturday I tend to lay around in my pajamas with a book or some Netflix, but now that I can’t go anywhere, I have this urgency to want to. There’s a 7-Eleven about 20 minutes’ walking distance from here, but again, if the snow had stopped, I’d probably be up for it. At this point, I do not have a working umbrella, and an umbrella is ridiculous in snow, anyway. It blows sideways. And what would I buy if I got there? Cheerwine. A lot of it. Other than that, I don’t really need anything. I have Teavana Oprah Chai,™ and two boxes of English Breakfast (Twinings and Republic of Tea), plus soda and all the ice I will ever need………..

Did I mention it’s snowing?


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