Suddenly Susan

I met someone new yesterday on the Metro, and we clicked. It wasn’t romantic, just someone I’d like to hang out with again. She’s a writer, too, and we compared notes as the stations went by. Her name is Susan, because of course it is. Susan is a name with which I need to make my peace, and hopefully a new name association will help immensely. In some sense, it already has.

Because we’re writers, I made sure to get her e-mail address before she got off the train. I need to cut ties to Argo permanently, and having someone to write to that isn’t her is just another thing that will help me move forward. Why would I say something like that? Argo and I have made our own peace, and it needs to rest so it will last.

So, now when I need someone to e-mail, I can resist the temptation to write to her and write to Susan instead. She’s just as funny, but in a different way, and she has already given me a couple of bonus points for being clever, so who wouldn’t want to write to someone like that?

It was an instantaneous recognition of each other, that deep knowing that comes from, “I know I’ve never met you before, but yet, it feels like I have.” Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but it’s nice to have someone to pen pal with that isn’t loaded down with the past. I can move past who I was, walking humbly and hoping grace prevails.



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