I’m sitting in my seat, watching warm-ups about 50 yards from the net. DC United is closer to me, and they’ve changed all their numbers to “96.” I am both pleased and annoyed by this, because I don’t know anyone’s real number. It’s my first game, but no matter. The speakers overhead are very, very loud. I will be able to hear each player’s every move. They just announced that designated drivers get free soda. All of the sudden I am very interested in finding some drunk people. Diet Pepsi is five bucks a pop, no pun intended, but it works.

I broke down and bought a jersey for myself, because I wear a boys’ large and they were half as much as the adult sizes. I look *amazing,* and I know it. I got the home jersey, which is black, and I am wearing pants in a color that Dockers call “Fog.” I also bought a slouch hat, because it’s supposed to rain and the hat I was wearing was blue. It drives me crazy to clash, and with soccer, it’s all about the outfit. My hat is red, and it wasn’t any more expensive than it would have been at any other store, and I know that just because it’s red, I’ll wear it all the time. The last red baseball cap I had, I wore out. Literally wore it into the ground, because it was a pun. My linux distribution of choice was Red Hat, and it had Tux on the front. Plus, my wardrobe is almost entirely red, white, and blue. I look like a walking advertisement for DC most of the time… not intentionally, it just is. I have become somewhat of a preppy hipster, with my Dockers and Chuck Taylors and fitted Oxfords.

Damn it. I just realized I’m wearing brown shoes. Well, so much for “the outfit.” I should have worn my Gazelles, because they’re green and black, and so is my first-timer bracelet. I think I’m going to keep it on until it falls off. It’s one of those adjustable wristbands like you get at an amusement park, that paper/fabric hybrid that’s all the rage. I find it odd that it’s green, but the DC United logo is repeated all the way around.

The forwards are taking turns kicking toward the net, and if this is any indication, we’re in trouble. 😛 One kicked a ball so high over the crossbar that it almost landed in the upper deck…. which are painted in Redskins colors.

They’re playing 90s music overhead, and Cake’s The Distance is blaring.

Wait. The anouncements just started. We’ll talk later. I just want to soak this up, every moment of it.

In my jersey. With brown shoes.


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