Finally Getting a Break

It’s been a busy day, which is why you’re just now getting this……..

Walking around Dupont Circle was a trip down memory lane. The HRC store is gone, as is the lesbian book store, Lambda Rising. However, Larry’s Ice Cream is still going strong… and I got some after we had dinner at Bareburger. Yes, that’s really the name. The company was started in New York, which makes it even funnier that they put a restaurant called “Bareburger” with a menu with bears all over it in the middle of a gay neighborhood. It was absolutely delicious. Danni had The Original, because she said there were too many choices. I got the Southern Caviar burger, because it was bison with country bacon, stout onions, horseradish remoulade, and pimento cheese. Then we split sweet potato fries and kimchi slaw, which was just hot enough to make my sinuses relax. I am going to have to go back several times, because everything on the menu looks incredible. They even have a pickle fried chicken sandwich, which I imagine is like a Chik-Fil-A, but tastes better because it’s not made of breading and hatred My thoughts and prayers are with them…. the gay equivalent to “bless your heart,” the Texan equivalent of stuffing the “fuck you” way back down into your socks.

There’s a bar up the street from Bareburger/Larry’s that let you bring your own food in, so I took my ice cream (Decadence [a mixture of chocolate truffles] and Creme de Menthe with chocolate chips… Painters in… Not fucking around) and Danni ordered us rum and Diet Coke, which we drank while playing two games of Guess Who? and two games of Connect Four. We decided that next time we needed a group, because they also have Cards Against Humanity. Not sure I’m ready to show new friends how awful I am, but I guess I have to lay my cards on the table sometime, right? The best round I’ve ever won was “How did I lose my virginity?”

African children.

Hey, it was the best card I had in my hand…. and that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

Not that I’m competitive or anything. No, seriously. I’m not. Unless we’re playing Trivial Pursuit. Then it’s ON LIKE DONKEY KONG. I am a fount of useless knowledge.

Autumn didn’t come with us this time, and it was good to get some hang time with Dan all my own. We decided that Bareburger is “our place,” because we discovered it together. She said she’d ask me before she brought anyone else there, and I said I couldn’t wait to get THAT text message. šŸ™‚ And, she’s a woman after my own heart. The exact quote is, “I can always do burgers.” Yassss, qween. I’m down.

Next Saturday, I’m going with Dan, Autumn, and their group of friends to see Ghostbusters.

The Professor and I are still undecided as to what we’re going to do over the weekend, because we’ve found that the possibilities are endless, from touring Civil War battlefields to National Cathedral to the Portrait Museum. I’ve been to the portrait museum twice already since I’ve been here, because I just can’t get over the original Matthew Brady photos, and I will be one of the first in line when Obama’s portrait is added to the Presidents’ wing. I saw the portrait of the female justices, and it was okay. I didn’t not like it.

So, in short, we may do anything from going for coffee to road-tripping into southern Virginia… St. Bob’s country… shudder. I used to have friends that lived out in Manassas, but I’ve never seen the actual battle field, which I remember from U.S. History with Mrs. New in eighth grade because she said that people gathered with picnic baskets to watch, not realizing that there would soon be brains in their potato salad (Betcha didn’t think I’d remember that one, eh? [She reads my blog.]). I remember great lines, and that was one of them. She’s lucky I attributed it to her- good writers paraphrase. Great writers steal outright…. šŸ˜›

In other news, I saw from George Takei’s Facebook page that as an homage to him, they’re making Sulu gay in the next Abrams Star Trek movie. Gay people just look like people, so I doubt that it will change John Cho’s interpretation that much. However, I may have to fall asleep to “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle” tonight. It’s only one of my favorite movies in the entire world.

And in my dreams, I’ll spend the night talking to Bryn. Boy, do we have a lot to say. That time difference, tho… But in the dream, I’ll have eight or nine hours to metaphorically drink coffee with her, so maybe the time difference is just in my head. Why can’t scientists create a way to visit alternate universes yet? You know, the one in which I live in DC and it’s right next to Portland?

One can dream. šŸ™‚


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