Proverbial Pizza Night

I have really got to go to the drugstore and pick up some more caffeine pills. I used to take one when my alarm went off and then hit snooze once or twice, because 10 to 15 minutes is all it takes for it to kick in. I have to take sleeping pills to fall asleep, and it is non-negotiable, especially since the Nassers have dogs and if I am dead to the world, I don’t hear them in the middle of the night, or at their 5:30 AM wake-up. The pills are only 200mg, which is about a cup and a half of strong coffee… not enough to make my heart race, just enough to keep the Benadryl hangover at bay. This morning, I slept until 8:00 and threw on my clothes… interesting only because I went to bed before 10:00. Now that I’ve had some Hi-Caf tea, I’m all right, and it actually felt good to really get to relax. I’ve joined an e-mail aggregator called “BookBub” for iBooks and Amazon that lets me know when books go on sale and/or are free, and my Kindle is getting so much more use now that I’m getting three or four free books a day. So I fell asleep reading a mystery novel about a nun murdered in her convent. The murder has something to do with her past life before she became a nun, and the story is unfolding marvelously.

I have both pomade and face wash at the office, so I wear my Rice baseball cap and then “fix up” once I get here. It works out nicely, because I’m usually the first one here (in my department, at least). My Rice baseball cap is cute, but not nearly as much as my haircut. I didn’t want to show up to Pizza Night looking like a scrub, especially since “Aaron, Argo, and Dana” are going to be there. Argo used to play along, and it made me so incredibly happy.

Leslie: Pizza’s here. Diet Coke?
Argo: Make sure it is *loaded* with Jack.

Yes ma’am.

Next day:

Leslie: Argo! Jesus! What did you do to my office? It looks like you hosed down a wall!

Maybe I should have held her hair back, because that’s what friends do. 😛

The other funny story I have about “proverbial pizza night” is that I wrote in my blog that when I talked about Argo, I would just launch into these long ruminations that made Aaron eyeroll… so the next Friday, I sent her an e-mail that said we were all sitting around the table, drinking tequila because we’d run out of beer, and all I get back is, “hopefully Aaron can refrain from eye-rolling.” I nearly fell out of my desk chair I was laughing so hard.

See? That’s what I mean about giggling through memories instead of being angry.

So, I hope T-money doesn’t mind extra guests, but she shouldn’t, because they don’t take up much room. 🙂 Without their physical bodies, they can all sit on my shoulder at once… although the image of me trying to carry all three of them is friggin’ hysterical… because that is a lot of ass and a little shoulder, my friends.

I got the idea from “Eat. Pray. Love.” There’s this scene where Elizabeth Gilbert is trying to get her ex to sign the divorce agreement, and they go through all these people, living and dead, that have signed the agreement that she should be allowed to get divorced. They aren’t physically with her, but that doesn’t make them less important.

Speaking of important, I want to write about all the shootings that have been happening lately, but at the same time, I am overwhelmed to the point of exhaustion and tears. It would be cathartic to write something important that I could keep, and when I sit down to think about it, I just get ALL THE FEELS and I am paralyzed with analysis.

So for tonight, it is just time to enjoy pizza with friends, and put my worries off until I can think of something uplifting to say. Because right now, nothing about this situation feels uplifting at all. However, what I can say is that I am, as always, #prayingonthespaces………….



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