Tea and Sympathy

I have to go to the doctor today because I have a raging infection and even though I have taken raw cranberry supplements and arthritis-strength Tylenol, I still feel like death warmed over. I think it’s time for antibiotics, of which I am not a fan unless I am really, really sick. I don’t want to overuse to the point that they don’t work anymore, but this is a special case… although it can be argued that I’m always a case. 😛

Plus, I get to go to the pharmacy for AZO tabs, and who doesn’t like florescent orange pee? The first time I took AZO, I didn’t read the PI (prescribing information) and I thought to myself, wow…. I think I’m going to die soon. Once I figured out that it was just a side effect and my bladder had stopped turning back flips, I was on board.

If any of you find this gross, remember that I come from a medical family. I can calmly discuss diarrhea and vomiting while eating shrimp scampi.

So, it’s off to the doctor for me, although I may stop at Starbucks for some tea along the way. Right now my favorite is a venti iced green with four or five Splenda. People are raving about adding lemonade to it- I like it okay, but the green all by itself is more my speed, as is zero calories because I’d rather save them for cheese and chocolate.

I may also need a trip to the grocery store for some Crisco, because I bought both black and pinto beans the other day and I’m feelin’ some refried coming on for burritos.

Comfort food is where it’s at when I’m sick…. and today is that day. You know, the day where you wish you had someone to do all this shit for you because you don’t really want to get out of bed and yet, bootstraps, no crying in baseball, etc.

Green tea will at least give me enough energy to get out of the house. Anything but the doctor and the pharmacy is up for debate. There are so many things I’d like to do today, but how I feel will dictate all of it. Even though, like I said, I took some Tylenol, I feel febrile, as if my entire body is blushing with embarrassment.

You know, like when a cute girl walks by…. except this time, it feels like she’s walked by at least 10 times.

Now it’s really time for some tea to cool off.



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