Like Going to the Mechanic

Of course when I got to the doctor, the UA didn’t show anything. They decided to treat me just based on symptoms alone, and want to see me back on Monday. I am guessing that it didn’t show anything because I drank entirely too much knowing that they’d want a UA, and then when it was almost an hour wait to see the doctor, was just about to let my teeth float when I finally gave up the ghost. Then, I refilled my water glass and drank some more, thus diluting the sample into nothing.

I am feeling somewhat better today, although with the Cipro on board, I am having nausea and dirhe diahre the shits…. grateful that I don’t have to spend my day reading the shampoo bottle.

I’d like to see my sister while she’s here this week, but I’m going to have to judge that carefully because it’s about a 35 min. drive to Annapolis, and she’s going to be in DC soon, anyway. Her company is going to have her start working on federal legislation, which means that she’ll be infinitely closer, at least in DC terms.

In Houston, almost everything takes 35 minutes. For my Houston “Fanagans,” it’s about the same distance from Annapolis to Silver Spring as it is from Sugar Land to downtown, and not much longer even in rush hour, because fewer people are traveling that way.

In Portland, it’s akin to driving out the Gorge…. somewhere between Edgefield and Multnomah Falls.

Now, I realize that I get hits from every country in the world, but I’ve actually lived in Houston and Portland. The rest of you are on your own. 😛

Once I get well, I’d like to get some DC hiking books, because I was really into it in PDX and I haven’t hiked once since I’ve been here. Though there are amazing hikes in the outskirts of Northern Virginia/Richmond, I’d like to start in The District, because Rock Creek Park is a great place to warm up. I’m not in any shape to do more than beginner right now, especially since my allergy medication can only do so much. Once Spring passes into Summer, it will be a lot easier for me to get out and about. Even though I’ll have to carry more water, the pollen count won’t be quite so high.

It’s at least nice to think about while I’m stuck inside with my stomach “to’ up from the flo’ up.”

Thank GOD I only have four more days of antibiotics left. I don’t think I could take much more (see what I did there?). Although I’m sure if I actually got off my butt and went to the doctor for some Zofran, by the time I got there my stomach would be fine.

Like going to the mechanic.



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