Why T**** Matters Forever

45 is such a low life that we should be able to process and move on quickly. But it’ll never happen. He singlehandedly destroyed social media for everyone who isn’t him, and we need to deal with it. The problem is enormous. I’ve just been banned for 30 days three weeks after being banned for 30 days, which came after multiple shorter bans, all because I am a woman with an opinion.

Facebook doesn’t know that. This is not about women.

This is about using text scanners instead of real people to ferret out insight into what people are thinking. No, I am not inciting violence when I say I want to kick someone’s ass at a cooking contest. No, “kicking” does not count as hate speech, because I also said “kick your knee” once.

The most recent ban was for saying I thought Harry and Meghan should “burn the bastards to the ground.”

It’s not T****. It’s everything that came with him.

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