The Russian Dolls

My idea for all three church structures (Houston, Austin, and DC) is based on a Russian doll. That way, the idea starts at about 2700 sq. feet, but has room to grow and a vision for the future. All three structures are, at full capacity, three acres including the parking lot, which is essential to ensure that parking is always free and readily available.

Again, God is not the big picture. God is in the details. What would be more frustrating than trying to go to church, getting there, and missing it because you can’t find a parking space? I am slowly taking an inventory of 27 years of church issues and trying to fix them before I even start implementing a grounds plan.

What I am finding is that you can’t be the founding pastor of a church without having a clear vision- when the vision fails, the people perish. I don’t remember who said it (Fosdick, maybe?), but it was a mantra growing up, and having seen its results, I know it works. We came to St. Mark’s and Christ Church at a time in their lives when they needed our family the most… They both grew by leaps and bounds and I WAS WATCHING.

If you want to donate to that vision, you can drop money into my Paypal account. Because we already have a treasurer, I cannot touch that money if you designate it as such. Eventually, All Sinners will have its own bank account, but for now looking at transaction notes and categorizing will have to do. It’s not a requirement to be my reader or my friend. It’s just two things. The first is that this vision is cool, and you’ll probably want to join it. The second is that you CANNOT say yes if I don’t ask.

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