Doctrine for St. James and All Sinners

  • We are a symbolically apostolic church. As Peter is the Rock for the Catholics, so James will be our bishop.
  • There is one God of the catholic church indivisible, and that is the Creator, Redeemer, and Advocate. God has many names, brings many names… and all are welcome at St. James and All Sinners.
  • We believe that Christ is resurrected in ourselves- that the gifts we bring all flow from the idea that from desperation comes prosperity.
  • We believe that all sinners are worthy of redemption, and no sin is too great to receive the blessings that the Spirit will endow if asked.
  • We believe that all people are sinners, that there is no way to avoid making mistakes, and that the way to healing and wholeness is redemption with the self, letting go of shame and guilt.
  • We believe that God has an intrinsic value to our lives, whether the traditional versions of faith apply or not. We believe that God can be found in all aspects of the human condition.
  • We believe that God is every side of every story since the beginning of time, and that society’s reflection on the divine is more important than the divine itself.
  • We believe in inclusive language and furthering an interfaith dialogue for the community at large.
  • We believe that Christianity is and should be a group endeavor, and that to practice the faith requires dedication to both the church and the relationship its congregation has with it.
  • Justice and witness is an integral part of the doctrine, because there are so many places to bring witness to this. People are aching for relief from the struggle that life has to offer, We believe that the way to heal it is by putting aside the self and healing others who, in turn, feed individual growth and development.
  • We believe that a prayer life is essential to the work of every believer, whether that prayer is to the Christian God or not. We believe that the exclusion of anyone is counterproductive to our mission, and do not require any formal set of beliefs to join or participate in the life of the church or its activities.
  • We believe in the use of all the senses to understand faith. From touching the bread and the chalice to flipping pages in the hymnal, faith is a sensory experience.
  • We believe that expression is the heart of learning one’s own connection to the divine, and to that end will support and encourage all types of ways to worship- traditional and not.
  • We believe in communion as an expression of divinity. Communion takes many forms… on Sundays at the communion rail, and throughout the week as we minister to the people around us.
  • We believe that the ordained ministers are the visionaries, but that ministers exist in all forms and should conduct their own ministries as they see fit… whether that is as a volunteer, a donor to a cause, or a hobby that allows for interpersonal interaction.
  • We believe that we are Christ to the world, and will spend all of our time deciding what that means. For some, there is no belief in Christ, but the teachings of goodness, mercy, charity, and love are translatable to other cultures and systems of belief. We are a Christian church, open to all ideas and the manifestation of different types of the divine is a celebration.

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