The Divine Mrs. B

There are few joys in life better than making friends with your big sister’s friends. That’s because big sisters pick out the cool people so that you don’t have to vet them on your own. Big sisters share. My big sister gave me Kristie, and therefore, she went from my big sister to THE BEST BIG SISTER IN THE HISTORY OF THE ENTIRE WORLD BAR NONE. Thanks, counselor. *kiss*

Kristie, it’s your birthday today according to Facebook… and in my book, on birthdays you go all out. You tell people that they matter to you, that their trip around the sun is parallel to yours in all the right ways. God’s honest truth was that if Kristie hadn’t showed up when she did in all her ScarJo superpowers, my world would be a very different place.

I still would have been stuck in the depravity of ruminations that don’t go anywhere. Kristie’s best advice to me has just been not to care so much, because obviously, they aren’t caring about me. It’s a lesson you learn over and over in life.

“When people tell you who they are, believe them.” -Maya Angelou

I am up front about the fact that I am one of the most loving people you will ever meet crossed with the biggest introverted Don Rickles since Don Rickles. Kristie’s sunshine helped defeat that part of me that felt so “get off my lawn.” She just loved me through an incredibly difficult time in my life, when I was all tears and snot for more of my existence than I ever wanted.

In my book, we are related by blood because let us not forget, I got an in with my big sister’s friend.

Kristie, happy birthday. You are one of the lights that keeps me sane when I can’t help but fumble in the dark. You are precious to me, and always will be.

Blessings for this and every trip around the sun.


10 thoughts on “The Divine Mrs. B

  1. My sweet friend, you give me reasons to think about things that make me uncomfortable until I have worked through them to the resolution. You’ve become the loudest and most insistent of angels on my shoulder. Thank you for being what you are and doing what you do.


  2. It’s late in the day, and I am still lost in thought about this comment; all a writer ever really wants to know is whether their words make a difference to anyone. These are words that I carry with me to remind myself that this is who I am and this is what I do, because it’s tempting not to be leslie, and just to interact with everyone while wearing the mask I created for them.


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