Fifteen Minutes

I have about 15 minutes before I need to leave, so I hope something brilliant comes out before then. I’m not so sure. I’m fully dressed and I look ok from the outside, but my brain is still fuzzy from the sleeping pill I took last night to ensure I got to bed on time. I am engrossed in Covert Affairs, and the temptation to watch “just one more” is strong in this one. I decided it was better to be a little fuzzy when I woke up than it was to accidentally lose track of time by hitting “play next episode.” I know me. We’ve met.

I’m drinking cold Starbucks Christmas blend and slowly the fuzz is wearing off as I make the preparations for beginning my day. Backpack is together, I’ve had a shower, and I am contemplating breakfast… although I don’t know about that because I am not actually hungry. I rarely am early in the morning. I know I need to eat breakfast, but at the same time, it’s hard to shove food in my face when my whole body is rejecting the thought. Just about the only thing I will eat whether I am hungry or not is an Egg McMuffin, which reminds me that I need to go and get the stuff to make them. Making them at home is much more fun, because I put Sriracha and apricot jelly on them.

Today I think I will grab a granola bar on the way out and just be done with it. Tomorrow, maybe some Egg-os. What could be more Chrissmassy than waffles? I’ll take mine with extra butter. Bonus points if you got that reference (Thank you, Herb) 😛

I watched Doctor Who yesterday and the Internet was all “this is so touching” and I was all like “this is so boring.” I am not a fan of Capaldi. I have tried so hard to like him. SO. HARD. But Matt Smith left such a gaping hole in his absence. I’m just ready for The Doctor to be fun again. Capaldi is kind of a grouchy old man, and while that is not out of character for him, the “baby giraffe in a bow tie” had me straight trippin,’ boo. Cool points out the window. Bonus points if you get THAT reference.

I am also not a fan of Clara, and I’m glad that she’s moved on. There are so many companions I’ve liked more, and no one could replace the gaping hole left in my heart when Amy & Rory left, either. The scene where Amy has to choose between her husband and her best friend leaves me in a weird place. You’ve read this web site. We’ve met.

Last night was youth group and the kids’ Christmas party. The funniest moment of the evening, and I can’t remember how it came up, is that Mark (pastor of Takoma Park Pres, the church we share youth group with) said, “You know Jason Moran? Can I touch you?” I haven’t seen him in over 20 years, but yes. He was a senior when I was a freshman, and he was outstanding even then…. one of those musicians you knew would hit it big because his raw talent shined even as a kid. For those not in the know, Jason is probably the most famous for writing the score to the movie Selma.

And on that note, my 15 minutes are up.






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